The archipelago of Bocas Del Toro in Panama is situated on the northwestern coast of Panama, in and around the Bay of Chiriqui and on the border with Costa Rica.
Bocas Del Toro is also the name of the main town located on Colon Island. There you will find everything you need: shops, grocery stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, handcraft, tours…
It is the ideal place to stay, with all the commodities at hand and wherever you are you will never be more than 300 yds away from a boat taxi ready to take you wherever you want.
 In Bocas, as we call it, the pace of life is slow and relaxed with nobody seeming to be in much of a hurry, it’s a town full of life, colors and good vibes.
There are little cars on the island and the favorite transport is the bicycle.

Much of the island chain remains in pristine and untouched splendor. It is a diver and outdoor lover’s paradise with unspoiled coral reefs, primary forest and jungle, mangroves, long sandy deserted beaches…There was created the first National Park in Panama. It is also the only place outside the US where the Smithsonian Institute opened a center of investigation due to the incredible biodiversity. It is the home of over 350 bird species, monkeys, sloths, poison dart frogs and much more. It is a destination unlike any to be found elsewhere in Panama.

The people of the province are made up of mainly indigenous tribes, many of which still live in small isolated villages scattered throughout the islands. Add to this a healthy mix of people originally from Jamaica and you have an atmosphere that is more closely aligned to the islands of the Caribbean.